Yasmin Le Bon looks like the dream model mum at 50! One could only hope to look as great as she does at that age. Yasmin reckons its down to DNA saying

“It’s simple, it’s just DNA. You take care of yourself, you try as hard as you can to do the right things but the most important thing is to enjoy your life.

“How you feel inside kicks off the hormones that make your skin look good.”

I do agree to be honest that, if you do look after yourself and you have good DNA, it is possible to look great at any age that, and a positive attitude.  Personally I reckon the good genes are in my family, I just need to curb the copious consumption of alcohol and I might be on the right track ;)


Who’s in the market for a pair of bedazzled jeans that cost a year’s rent? Moda Operandi launched the Dolce & Gabbana Trunk Show  this morning, which features, among other sparkly, lacy, and encrusted things, a pair of $12,500 jeans. Plucked straight from the runway, these jeans are 99% cotton, feature Swarovski crystals and patent leather rosebuds, and probably can’t be machine-washed – Bargain! 

Cecil Beaton and VOGUE

No one but Cecil Beaton could have cajoled so many beautiful dresses from so many fashionable women, and in doing so confer upon their owners a sort of immortality. That clothes one has worn should become a permanent acquisition of the Victoria and Albert Museum is an exceptional way of embalming the ego.As a portrait photographer Cecil Beaton has done wonders for women, bestowing mystery and magic upon fashionable faces, royal faces, theatrical faces; bestowing romantic beauty upon the asymmetrical eccentricities of the intelligentsia. One of his books, “The Glass of Fashion,” contains the most wittily evocative descriptions of clothes as they were worn, and the women who wore them, ever written in the English language. And in the same book he refers to fashion as “‘the triumph of the ephemeral.” For this V and A exhibition he has caught past ephemera in his butterfly net, and catalogued it for all time. Art and fashion

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Hands On With the New Apple Watch

Originally posted on TIME:

There’s a lot we don’t know about Apple Watch, the technology giant’s all-new wearable gadget announced Tuesday to great fanfare in Cupertino, Calif. How long will its battery last? How much will the toniest version cost? How exactly will it interface with the iPhone?

But, having gotten to wear and play with the device, one thing is for certain: The Apple Watch is a beautifully designed piece of technology with enormous potential. In fact, I’d say it’s the most exciting gadget since the iPad, from Apple or any other company.

The watch will come in two sizes, 1.5 inches (38 mm) and 1.65 inches (42 mm), and a surprisingly wide variety of colors and styles. Both sizes feel surprisingly light and solid. An Apple representative would not say how much the watch weighs exactly, but it seems lighter than Samsung’s Gear, which is about 60 grams.

It sits on…

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Bulgari reveals Le Gemme

This month sees the launch of Le Gemme from Bulgari, available exclusively at Harrods. Inspired by high jewellery, each fragrance in the six-piece collection represents six jewels. Ashlemah, the Amethyst, is shown in an iridescent violet-blue gem and the scent is created with lavender, iris and violet. Noorah, the Turquoise, contains notes of galbanum, cardamom, iris, benzoin, resin, tobacco and oak. Amarena, the Tourmaline, lies between vegetal and floral featuring mastic, galbanum, peppermint, bitter orange, and mandarin and orange leaves. Maravilla, the Citrine, uses notes of peach, jasmine, patchouli and vetiver acetate. Calaluna, the Moonstone, has an opaque and milky appearance containing notes of sandalwood, cardamom, and almond heliotrope. The EDPs cost £105 each for 30ml and £230 for 100ml.


Robin Williams has warmed our hearts, broadened our faces and drew tears to our eyes. Who knew such a humorous and vivacious character would leave us so soon. From his crazy, imaginative creation of Mork to the heart felt emotions of Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting and the exuberant and camp character of The Birdcage, He lit up the screen in every move and gesture. I could write all night about Robin’s talents or who he was to the public and my own opinion or the slight sadness that his face always expressed but theres nothing I will say that one does not already know. This man was solid in his achievements and his movies will go on to entertain us for generations to come. He truly was one of the greats. He will be sadly missed.