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5 Reasons to Drink Coffee Before Your Workout

Originally posted on TIME:

Half of Americans start their day with coffee, and according to recent study, working out after downing a cup of java may offer a weight loss advantage. The Spanish study, published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, found that trained athletes who took in caffeine pre-exercise burned about 15% more calories for three hours post-exercise, compared to those who ingested a placebo. The dose that triggered the effect was 4.5 mg of caffeine per kilogram of body weight. For 150-pound woman (68 kg), that’s roughly 300 mg of caffeine, the amount in about 12 ounces of brewed coffee, a quantity you may already be sipping each morning.

If you’ve always thought of coffee as a vice—one you’re simply not willing to give up—you’ll be happy to know that it’s actually a secret superfood. And if you exercise, caffeine can offer even more functional benefits for…

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I watched this documentary last night on BBC Channel 4. I must say I was genuinely moved. It is an astounding documentary  of a 1960′s scientist, a woman named Margret and a Dolphin called Peter. It really shows how animals are highly intelligent species and should be treated with the upmost respect. Take a look at the programs review by The Telegraph. Also check out the Woman and Dolphin website where you can here some of the original recordings made at the time of the experiment. I personally haven’t lessened to them yet for fear of it being to emotional (as crazy as it sounds). Maybe lessen first then watch the documentary if you can find the documentary online. You can probably get in on BBC catch up or see some videos on youtube. Such an amazing story, such a beautiful relationship yet such a sad ending.


From Check out this new superfood Victoria Becham is taking and it helps control her super slim figure. Also the online store has a wide variety of healthy organic alternatives.  From detox to fitness products to organic lube and Dragons Blood cleansing gel this store is your one stop shop of health and well being.


Take a look at some stunning pieces of jewellery from Bulgari and of the stunning Liz Taylor and Bulgari jewellery along with some other actresses that are lucky enough to ware such precious gems.  Love the classic pieces.


WOW! I totally want one of these – The Midnight Planétarium timepiece tracks the position of the six planets visible from Earth. Each of them are independently controlled for precise tracking at any given time and their true orbital speeds are represented. Aside from keeping you updated on planetary positioning, it also functions as a regular watch with the shooting star indicating the time in hours and minutes.


Dr. Ceuticals launches Beach Perfect Body Firmer

Dr. Ceuticals announces the launch of its Beach Perfect Body Firmer, an anti-ageing body product which works to promote elasticity and firmness. This luxuriously light cream contains intense moisturisers, which are instantly absorbed, to provide long lasting hydration. Additional key active ingredients include Q10, which supports skin renewal whilst reducing free radical damage; vitamin B3 to hydrate skin; caffeine, an anti-cellulite ingredient containing key slimming properties to stimulate skin and target areas of cellulite and fatty deposits; and seaweed extract is packed with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids to repair and maintain young, healthy skin. Dr. Ceuticals Beach Perfect Body Firmer is available at Boots stores and boots.com priced at £19.99.



Whether your heading to the beach to a pool party, BBQ or fancy cocktail swaray, your underwear is a key element. Particularly if you are wearing a fresh white colour you need to make sure your underwear is invisible. You also need comfort and support dont forget. Check out these brief delights from Gooseberry Intimates.



Don’t know about ye but I am loving the colour lime green for summer. Heres a few things I found but it doesn’t compare to the hotness of the colour draped through some of the best magazine but it will give you inspiration to be brave with such a bold and bright colour this summer.